Meet the Artist

Cheryl Kaldahl, Artist, Composer, Designer


The short story...

Cheryl Kaldahl creates paintings, music, and spaces that speak to your soul.  Her Mood Palette Expressions are a series of paintings created for specific purposes to lift your spirit and enhance your life.  They also include a music CD of the colors of the painting scientifically translated into musical notes and tones for an accurate and unique musical interpretation of the painting.


The long story.  It all started when...

Around the age of 9 she began studying classical piano with a Doctor of Music from the Music Conservatory of Chicago. By the age of 13, her piano studies were complete, including instruction on both the organ and clarinet as well, and she had already received several piano, vocal and clarinet awards. It was during this time that she also began composing her own music and writing poetry.

After she began composing she wanted to learn more about instrument ranges and compatibility for musical scores, so she studied music theory and orchestration. It was here that she found herself nestled in the arms of music and it's overwhelming power to speak to the soul.

She performed on stage when...

She auditioned for roles in musical theater as early as age 10 and found herself completely at home on the stage. Yet always marching to the beat of her own drum, Kaldahl declined multiple recording contracts to pursue other avenues of artistic expression in the arts. Over the years she has taught piano, organ, voice, guitar, band, digital piano and group music education classes.


With a paint brush in her hand...

It wasn't until her late twenties that she was able to completely focus on painting. She received private oil and watercolor instruction and took workshops from some of the most highly respected artists in the country. Honoring her father's artistic lineage by combining his innovative faux painting techniques with her unique flair, she created a style that is fresh, exclusive and all her own.


Finally, today...

Cheryl is an internationally known artist, composer, designer and motivational speaker. With over 30 years of experience and a family lineage deeply rooted in the arts, she weaves her passion for music, color psychology, and exclusive designs into all that she creates.

Her specialized interior designs feature mood enhanced environments based on neuroscience, color psychology, ergonomics, and more.

Her art has been featured in numerous exhibitions, collaborations, featured artist events, juried shows, art fairs and globally along with its reproduction in the fashion industry. She has recorded four music CD's, made national television and radio guest musical appearances, and her music has been used in documentaries and commercials nationwide. She offers painting classes, workshops and motivational speaking throughout the year enjoying the opportunity of being able to share what she has learned with others.

2016 Best of Lafayette Award in the Fine Arts Artist Category
Received the 2016 Best of Lafayette Award in the Fine Arts Artist category by the Lafayette Award Program.