Mood Palette Paintings™

Scientists have been able to calculate brainwaves, sound waves, frequencies, music, color, and emotion and their affects on the brain.  They have also been able to determine their affect on our bodies both physically and emotionally and how certain stimuli cause specific cause and affect responses within our brain.  Through my research, I have found a common link tying them all seamlessly together.

My Mood Palette Paintings™ are created using mood enhanced color palettes based on neuroscience, color psychology and more.  Each painting is created for specific purposes demonstrating how color and music can be used simultaneously for a more powerful and enhanced emotional and spiritual experience to encourage, empower, and positively inspire your mind, body and spirit. 

You can view these paintings by a specific MOOD, EMOTION, or CHAKRA by clicking on the "Filter" button just below on the left.  


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